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We All Count

A Birthday Wish...
Six months ago I was having dinner with my friend Susie S. in London. I was on the way back to the U.S. from Africa where I had been visiting the children my organization, House of Loveness, supports in Zimbabwe.  London was an overnight stop on flights home that were pieced together through frequent flier mileage. I always leave Zimbabwe happy but broke. On the 20+ hours of planes home, I look at the videos and photos I took with the children and I organize my lists of things I need to raise money for my next trip to Zim: 32 pairs of new shoes in sizes 1-5, books for the school we support, donations to cover tuition for the children and an additional teacher, new school uniforms, the list goes on and on.

When I arrived in London, I was grateful for the time with Susie, an expat from the US, now living and working in England.  I had just celebrated my birthday (by myself) in Cape Town before I went on to Zimbabwe to see the children. I told Susie how much I enjoyed my…