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Remembering That We All Count

A Birthday Wish by Susie S. Once a year, no matter what else is going on, people in my life, friends, family and co-workers have taken the time to celebrate the moment I came onto the planet.  I'm so grateful for that.  Imagine not knowing?Birthdays have always been special for me.  I was born on my youngest Aunt's 7th birthday and there were always two cakes so we each were special.  Then, as the years passed I met more friends who were born the same day in August.  Marcia, Geoff, Shelly, it is so fun to celebrate with you!
When I was 11, my mom bought me a horse for my birthday.  One of the best moments in my life.  I had to do a scavenger hunt all over town and ended up in my Grandma's yard where he was waiting.

On my 16th birthday I passed my driver's test.

When I turned 30 I threw a huge party for 100 people. It was so much fun we did it for 8 years in a row! 
We use our birthday so many times every day.  We take it for granted.  You need your birthday for …

Zimbabwe is MY backyard

                        If we wait to feed, educate, and meet the healthcare needs 
                        of every American child before we look beyond our borders 
                        then what will the rest of the world look like?     
                                  -Lucy Griswold (activist/humanitarian)

                       Improved technology, population growth and globalization have 

                      made today's world increasingly interdependent. Therefore, putting 
                      your own country's interests first, at the expense of others, can have 
                      serious consequences. What we need to do is think of humanity as a 
                      whole, and develop a sense of concern on a global level.
                      I refer to this as having a sense of universal responsibility.
                                                          -Dalai Lama

I've had wonderful local and global support for my three year old organization, H…