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A Different Set of Wheeels

"Giving opens the way for receiving."
 -Florence Scovel Shinn

Last November, we launched a campaign on IndieGoGo to buy a car to use for safe transport of the children supported through House of Loveness in Zimbabwe.  Over a forty day period, we raised enough money from many small donations to buy a car (just over $6,000) that would be used to help transport the children to and from school and appointments.  We looked at cars for several months, but the conditions of the used cars were less than ideal and there were concerns about the costs for ongoing maintenance.

We have decided to turn the car money into a large donation to buy bikes ($80 per bike) in a rural area for children to ride to school. It is a much better use of the funds and the bikes don't require expensive upkeep like the car (yes, we still need a car!).

The children receive the bikes on Monday and return the bikes on Friday. They are responsible for keeping the bikes in good condition to maintain bike pr…